St. James joined the "virtual" church-wide event, June 29. Karen Anderson preached on spreading the Good News through social media ‪#‎Episcopal‬.
St. James now offers "Singing Rooster" Haitian Arabica Blue Mountain coffee; supporting farmers, increasing sustainability and helping fund hot school lunches.
9 Williams Street • Clinton, New York 13323
Rev. Timothy Reger
Services Saturday 4 pm and Sunday 9:30am
Nursery and Sunday School resume in September.

Dinner for Hope House Tuesday, July 29
We are preparing and serving dinner for Hope House. We meet at the church kitchen 10am Monday to cook. We serve at Hope House Tuesday starting 3pm Tuesday. Come on by to help! You can also participate by contributing cookies or brownies; bring them to the church kitchen by10am Monday, labeled “Hope House.”

St. James' responds to human suffering and tragedy; more on how to help... Also learn about our local summer outreach, Country pantry kid's pack and toiletries collection.  

During  July, we hold a single worship service, 9:30am Sundays. There is no Saturday service as Fr. Tim is on vacation.  We welcome Pastor Gaetz as worship leader. More...

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St. James is located at 9 Williams Street in Clinton, NY.
St. James is a community where we come together in Christ to develop spiritually; find opportunities for outreach; receive comfort when in need;  and engage in sacred experiences through  our liturgy, music, fellowship, and mutual ministry.
St. James welcomes all.
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    St. James Episcopal Church
    9 Williams Street • Clinton, New York 13323  • 315 853 5359

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