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About Caitlin Richer
our Office Administrator

Caitlin Richer is the Office Administrator for St. James'.  Caitlin and her children  are part of the Saturday worship community.   Caitlin grew up in Clinton; she was a St. James' acolyte and volunteered in the nursery during her youth.

Hello everyone! I'm Caitlin and I'm your parish office administrator. I have been working for St. James since February of 2018. Since the pandemic, I have been mostly working from home.

To help keep things running as smoothly as possible I am very accessible by email and I check the church phone messages once or twice a day. Please feel free to contact me for anything. I do my best to answer as promptly as possible. I may not have all the answers, but I can find someone who does! I meet with the wardens on a weekly basis and keep in communication with various committee chairs. It may not seem like a lot is going on right now, but "behind the scenes" there is a lot of work being done! 

I am so grateful to work with so many dedicated and talented people who have been using their amazing gifts to keep the spirit of St. James', Clinton going. We are truly a blessed community to have so many volunteers and leaders.

      Contact us if your have any questions or needs.
    St. James Episcopal Church
    9 Williams Str
    eet • Clinton, New York 13323  • 315 853 5359
    C. Richer, website adminstrator