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St. James

St. James welcomes all.

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Visiting a new church can be a leap of faith for many people, even if they’ve been going to church for a long time. Please know that you are welcome...and we hope you will make St. James your spiritual home. Here are some things to know about us.

  • St. James is a part of the Episcopal Church of the United States, and a part of the Angelican communion.  
    Non-Christians visitors and seekers are welcome.
  • We are located about half a block from the village green, 9 Williams St., Clinton, New York - map... and parking...  
  • Our worship services are Sundays, 10:0 0am and Saturdays, 4pm. 
    We offer hybrid services (joining in-person and by Zoom).  Occasionally a worship service is offered by Zoom only. 
  • Our usual worship service has Communion at each sevice.  Communion is offered during our in-person services.
  • All  baptized Christians of any denomination are welcome to receive Communion.
  • Dress as you feel appropriate.  Most of our worshipers wear "dress casual" with men in long pants and button or polo-style shirt, and women in dress pants or dresses.  Some wear jeans; others sportscoats and a tie. Our church is not air-conditioned; dress to stay cool in the summer months.
  • We love kids! Children are welcomed to stay with their families during the entire service.
    We have kid-friendly activities in the back of the church when in-person services are offered.
  • After most Sunday services, we gather in the Parish Hall for coffee hour. Wine and cheese fellowship follows some Saturday services. These, along with other events, help build community. 
      Contact us if your have any questions or needs.
    St. James Episcopal Church
    9 Williams Str
    eet • Clinton, New York 13323  • 315 853 5359
    C. Richer, website adminstrator