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St. James
St. James welcomes all.
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In the Episcopal church, we have communion at almost every service. You will be invited to the altar, and may receive  “in both kinds” – that is receive the bread and wine – or by receiving only one.  Celebrating communion is one way we express our relationship with God, our acceptance of Christ as our Savior and our common bond with each other.
Medical experts agree that the danger of transmitting communicable diseases by sharing the chalice (cup) is negligible.  All Episcopal churches use real wine; many, including St. James, use port.  The high alcoholic content kills off almost all the germs, virus and microbes.
If you still felt uncomfortable using a common cup, either drinking from it or by intinction (dipping the bread in the cup), don’t worry.  Episcopalians believe Christ is equally present in both the consecrated bread and in the wine; “receiving one, the other, or both, get you no more (or less) in Christ’s presence.”  If you prefer not to receive wine, simply cross your arms across your chest as the chalice bearer comes by. 
The wine and host can also be brought to you at the pew if you have mobility problems. Just let an usher know of your need.  
Gluten intolerant? If you are gluten intolerant, we have gluten free (less than 0.01%) wafers. Simply let the priest know when you come to the altar rail.  Our priest consectrates gluten-free hosts each time we offer Holy Eucharist.
Liturgical Practices
At the "passing the peace" we generally shake hands and say "God's peace be with you," "May the peace of the Lord be with you," or something similar.  But, passing the peace need not involve physical contact.  You can always simply greet people with a nod, make the sign of the peace with your hands, or bow.
HAND SANITIZERS are available at the back of the church and on the table in the hallway leading to the Parish Hall.  Please feel free to use them.  The Center for Disease Control recommends frequent hand washing with soap and warm/hot water as the best way to fight germs.  Hand sanitizers are the next best alternative.  In case you are wondering, there is a container of hand sanitizer at the altar which our Priests and Lay Eucharistic Ministers use, as appropriate, before handling Communion items.  As one parish member commented, “Purell is the new Lavabo.”  Don’t know what a Lavabo is?  Ask one of the “old timers.” HINT: Lavabo "I shall wash"

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