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St. James
St. James welcomes all.
Pere Fred visits us in Clinton NY (June 2015)
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St. James helps provide hot lunches for students, salaries for teachers and other support to our brothers and sisters of St. Paul's Parish, Beaudin Jean Pierre, Haiti through sale of Haitian coffee, fund raisers, donations and designated outreach funds.

School building St. James helped purchase.
We are happy to report that the school was not damaged by the 2016 hurricane. 
A group from St. James visited in September 2017.

Read about
the "gift of education" and
our visit to Haiti

John, chair of the St. James outreach committee, presents a check to Pere Fred to assist St. Paul's school, Grande Colline, Haiti. The check is from the Diocese matching grants for Global Mission Projects. June 2015 (left to right: Karen, Pere Fred, John, Rev. Elizabeth)

Excerpt from 25 Jan 2017 e-mail
(RE: purchase of a trunk to enable transport /travel)

Dearest friend and St James' Church, I am glad to read this from you. I am so excited to let you know that I have already received promise of $3,000 from my friends added to $3,000 I had before... and I miss $4,000. The truck is still available, but many are on the deal... 
Blessings to you and others, dearest friend.
May God Blessed you all.
Pere Fred

excerpt of e-mail Jan 17, 2017

I am so sorry to bother you with this, but I have no choice other than calling you for some help. Ministry in my country , Haiti is so difficult when you are in the mountains. As you know, i am working in the mountains, overseeing 15 churches, including the main church parish St Matthias...I am in great need of a truck...Most of the time I use motocycle, which is a bit dangerous for me...So, I have someone who is leaving the country and wants to pass me his truck below for $10,000US. It is in a great condition with very low miles... If you are interested to help me meet this need, let me." Thanks in advance for your help.
​Yours, Pere Frederic Menelas

Fr. Frederic’s Dec 2014 e-mail

Dear St James; greetings from all of us here. This note is to let you know that the students at St Paul school (Grande Colline. Haiti) are urging me to send to you their salutations and wish you and the people of St James a Merry Christmas.
​Pere Fred

Excerpts from Fr. Frederic’s letter

Dearest friends, Greetings!

... As you have probably known it, I am serving as the priest in charge in a small parish, in the countryside. It is located in Fonds Parisien, Ganthier, Haiti. I have two churches under my leadership. There is one school at each church. The past year I had some friends that supported me with one of the schools in giving a hot meal to the students. The good news is we have sent 12 6th graders to the state exam, all of them have succeeded, which means we have 100% of success. You know why? Because they had food at school. For many years we did not have this score. …

So, it is still challenging for the students of the other school. In effect, this email is to ask you how could please help the students at the other school find also a hot meal so they can also have best results…

I know it is challenging for you as well, but I am counting on you for this coming year. Seriously, while I am writing this email, a voice tells me: " you will get food for the kids"…

May the good God provide you to provide others, especially the needy.

Fr. Frederic

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