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St. James

St. James welcomes all.

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St. James offers "Singing Rooster" Haitian Arabica Blue Mountain coffee; supporting farmers, increasing sustainability and helping fund hot school lunches.
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Hybrid Services

Hybrid services mean some worship in-person, onsite, with others joining by livestream/Zoom. 

Will Zoom worship continue?
Yes. Continuing Zoom means those who are out of town, or who have limited transport or mobility, or special concerns about regathering, can still join us.

Church services will be different, but, all to the glory of God.
Our services will be either by Zoom only, or hybrid services where some worship and celebrate Eucharist in the church building, while others join through Zoom (or other live-stream means)

Our ability to have hybrid services on both Saturday and Sunday may be limited by the number of volunteers.

Who can come? All are welcome. Those with any symptoms of COVID-19, have recently tested positive for COVID-19, or been in close contact with someone who has tested positive should stay home to protect others and take care of themselves. Children are welcome to worship in the pew with their families.

What about vaccination status? We urge everyone eligible to get vaccinated. However, we will NOT require people to be vaccinated in order to attend in-person worship

“The Episcopal Church has long maintained that we are guided by faith and reason, and that scientific evidence helps us to better understand God’s creation, our place in it, and ways to alleviate suffering and pain...The proper and responsible use of vaccines is a duty not only to our own selves and families but to our communities. Choosing to not vaccinate, when it is medically safe, threatens the lives of others.”
- Executive Council of The Episcopal Church


As a caring parish guided by God's love, we rely on everyone’s’ Christian duty and on their civic responsibility to follow any public health guidelines. Masking is highly encouraged but not required.

If COVID transmission rates increase, masking may be required. Any change will be indicated by appropriate signage, and e-mail notification.

'You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind.’...And ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’ On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets."
Matthew 22:37-40.

The liturgy

Lectors can read the Word and prayers either from home using their own Zoom microphone, or at the church lectern. Full participation in worship is available for all.

The offering plate will not be passed. Offerings given electronically through, or by mailed check are encouraged. Offerings may also be placed in the offering plate or wooden box at the back of the church.

Those in the church building may receive the Eucharist.  The Presider distributes the consecrated hosts.  For those waiting wanting both bread and wine, the wine may be taken from the common cup, or the Lay Eucharistic will intinct (dip) the host into the chalice.

Eucharist “to go” (distributing bread without a community Eucharist) and “Virtual Communion” (such as a minister “blessing” bread and wine through a phone or internet connection) are prohibited by the Episcopal Diocese of Central New York. We hope to restart our Lay Eucharistic Ministry soon.

How can I help? Hybrid services are personnel intensive. For each service, we need several volunteers; (1) a hospitality usher to welcome people at the door, (2) an on-site digital usher and Zoom host. We can always use lectors who read the scripture lessons; they can serve either in person or through Zoom. Contact the Warden or the church office if you can help. Training provided.

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What about sanitizing and cleaning? Multiple no-touch dispensers for hand sanitizing have been installed. The sanctuary is cleaned regularly. See the full document for details.

What other building use can occur?  The sanctuary is open to the general community.  The lower level of the parish hall is open to the St. James’ Day School. Community groups wishing to use the parish hall should contact the St. James' office.

What if local conditions with the virus get worse? We monitor local COVID-19 conditions. If you would like to receive weekly news communication from St. James, contact us through office@stjamesclinton or by voice message at our telephone number 315 853 5359.

      Contact us if your have any questions or needs.
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