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St. James
St. James welcomes all.
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St. James' Choirs

St. James' Church has a strong musical presence.  

In an average Sunday service, the congregation and choir sing six hymns, a psalm, and three selections of service music. We are always looking for new choir members.

Choir rehersal

Our Minister of Music is composer Richard Lloyd. He is also a lecturer, accompanist, composer and advisor in the Theatre and Dance Department at Hamilton College.

Adult choir

To be a member of the all-volunteer Adult Choir is to be a leader of worship. Our choral music is an offering to God. While of high caliberer, it is intended to enhance worship; it is not "performance" music.
The choir often sings hymns in four-part harmony. Many different styles of sung psalm are used including cantor/response, Anglican chant, and the Ionian, Portland and St. Martin's Psalter.  The choir also sings an offertory anthem in four to eight-part harmony.  On special occasions, pieces such as Lotti's Crucifixus, Allegri's Miserere, Thompson's Alleluia, and the Wilcox arrangement of Lord of the Dance are offered.

Thursday rehearsal, 7:30-9:00 pm (Sept-May) is lots of work,  but also a time of fun and camaraderie. 
Feel free to try stop by and join us.

In addtion, other groups use our space including Tapestry - All Century Singers, and the Outcast Theatre group.

      Contact us if your have any questions or needs.
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