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St. James

St. James welcomes all.

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School building in St. Paul's Parish, Beaudin Jean Pierre. St. James assisted with the purchase
Giving a Pray Shawl
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Responding to the August 2023 Maui Fire

St. James' outreach committee invites you to help those affected by the fire in Maui, especially in Lahaina, by donating to A Cup of Cold Water.  Donations sent to St. James, Clinton, and received before 1 October 2023 will be matched, up to $2000, by the outreach committee.  Send check to St. James, memo line "Hawaii" OR donate through Tithly (click here), indicating "other" on the drop down menu, and entering Hawaii in the box.

A Cup of Cold Water, a Care-van Ministry serving Maui, is on the front lines of the Maui fire disaster.  This on-the-ground team continues their efforts to assist those in encampments and shelters. Along with medical and practical services, they share tons of compassion and care (with beloved pets too).  Learn more here....
The group, orginally formed by four Episcopal churches on the Island of Maui (Good Shepherd, Holy Innocents, St. John's and Trinity By-the-Seaa), is food and clothing distribution service for the poor and needy in the community. They use the care-van to deliver essential food, hygiene and clothing items throughout the island. The Right Reverend Robert L. Fitzpatrick, Bishop of the Diocese of Hawaii, writes "We are responding through A Cup of Cold Water as the vision for that ministry has expanded to care for houseless in new corners of the Island. Congregations and families on Maui are caring for first responders."

Rebuilding the Village

The Rev. Diane and Mrs. Freddie Hamilton talk about the non-profit organization, Rebuilding the Village. Its mission is to help the youth and families in areas of Utica.
The St. James outreach committee voted to donate funds to help assist in the 2023 summer program.

St. James' Episcopal church, along with other area churches, supports the County Pantry. Kid-friendly foods are especially needed; see list here... 

If you, or someone you know, is struggling with keeping food on the table, contact the Country Pantry. The only requirement to receive food is proof of residency in Clinton, Clark Mills, and Westmoreland, New York. If your child is in the Westmoreland or Clinton School District, and needs nutritional snacks, please call 315-272-5267. facebook;

St. James' sent funds to help build a roof for St. Matthais church and school in Camp-Perrin, Haiti. The roof was built in early 2019. (Left: before, right: roof going up)

St. James'  volunteers make meals for the Your Neighbors, Inc. freezers. These meals go to the frail, elderly, or handicapped who need some assistance to remain in their homes.  We also prepare occasional dinners for Hope House.

Hot lunch of Diri ak Pwa (Rice and Beans) at St. Paul's Parish School, Beaudin Jean Pierre, Haiti. St. James provides funds, prayers and other support.
Our other current and recent outreach projects

Country Pantry collections
Haiti connection, more...
Hope house dinners
Meals for Your Neighbors, Inc.
Handiwork ministry - making shawls and scarves for those in need.

As you travel, consider bringing back unopened toiletries from your hotel/motel stay for Hope House. There are collection boxes in the back of the church and in the Parish Hall lobby.

Other local places where we serve...
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