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Selected Sermons
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18 December 2017- Advent III: Year B

God-with-us is not found in romanticized plays,but in the simplicity of our ordinary lives.. make room . to receive Emmanuel: God with us. - Rev. Gary Cyr, Rector

10 December 2017- Advent II: Year B
"The wonder of Advent is that in spite of our shortcomings, Christ is coming again for each one of us." - Karen Anderson, lay preacher in training
3 December 2017 - Advent I: Year B

A beginning is a very delicate time. We need to be attentive to how we start our journey towards Christmas [ The Rev. Gary Cyr, Rector

26 November 2017 -Proper 29: Year A

We must now see one another in light of Christ. Walk in love as Christ . and be bearers of Christ's love in the world -The Rev. Gary Cyr, Rector

19 November 2017 -Proper 28: Year A

"To be faithful and be open to exploring what God is calling us to be and to do" - The Rev. Gary Cyr, Rector

12 November 2017 -Proper 27: Year A

Keep awake: Tell, Teach, Tend, Transform, Treasure - Patricia Kay Jue, lay preacher in training

Feast of All Saints' 2017 : The Rev. Canon John Crosswaite, Canon to the Ordinary, preaches.
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29 October 2017 -Proper 25: Year A:

There is an economic war being played out around us: what are the ways you might respond to God's call? - Fr. Gary Cyr, Rector

22 October 2017 -Proper 24: Year A:
On Writing Letters: to encourage, scold, plead and praise - Karen Anderson, Lay Preacher
15 October 2017 - Proper 23: Year A

We have been invited - Fr Gary Cyr, Rector

8 October 2017 - Proper 22: Year A

Let us recall our role as stewards so that we might bear fruits of faithfulness - Fr Gary Cyr, Rector

1 October 2017 - Season of Creation: week 4, Year A
How does our relationship with creation mirror Jesus's relationship with God? - Fr. Gary Cyr, Rector
24 September 2017 - Season of Creation: week 3, Year A

If we are Christian, we cannot be idle by-standers - Fr. Gary Cyr, Rector

17 September 2017 - Season of Creation: week 2, Year A

As Christians, it is our faith that gives us hope… with God’s help, we can make a difference - Karen Anderson, Lay Peacher

10 September 2017 - Season of Creation: week 1, Year A

Love calls us to reframe our notion of stewardship - Fr. Gary Cyr

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Easter Sunday 2017: Children's sermon
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